My work experiences

2014 – Current

Program Manager II, Skype

  • As a product owner of Skype’s Async Media Library and Async Media Services I am responsible for async media experience from the service to the client. I am directly contributing to Skype’s evolution – decommission of the peer-to-peer architecture and onboarding to cloud services.
  • Defining and specking multiple products across all Skype clients: cloud emoticons, cloud file sharing, picture sharing, audio/video messaging, voicemail, URL Preview, group avatars and more.
  • Driving communication between all Skype clients (across all Skype locations and time zones), managing deployment of async services and rollouts of async media features to all customers.
  • This year I managed to deliver personal expression service and client library for cloud emoticons (allowing us to update emoticon roster on the fly in all clients), URL Preview service in all Skype clients and working prototype of cloud file sharing.


Software Development Engineer II Lead, Skype

Skype for Web

  • Leading WebIM project on (2SDEs, 3SDETs), acting as a PM in Prague and driving communication with partner teams in Redmond (150M user logins per day)
  • Driving UI/UX development of shared components for new Skype Web Client
  • Building chat experience on Skype Web Client
  • Acting as a Product Manager for first 6 months of the project
  • Presenting weekly results to stakeholders on Microsoft’s Partner/Director level
  • Leading Prague part of the team, defining and implementing user stories
  • Creating the unified chat experience across all Skype supported platforms
  • Contributing on client frameworks for mobile and desktop applications
  • Cooperating with Skype Modern team to finish “inboxing” of the Skype client for Windows 8.1

  • Leading UI development and re-design of website
  • Defining user stories with product managers
  • Working as a middle layer between product managers and developers
  • Defining the code practices and implementing the in the code
  • Defining a common architecture for UI layer of the whole Skype eCommerce
  • Interviewing and mentoring new team members


Senior Engineering Manager, EDRC GmbH

I like to use my free time to improve my skills and get my thoughts away from my regular day to day job. I got the opportunity to define multiple products from scratch, build development teams for them and get them successfully to production. Some of the projects I worked on:

Case Management System for Swaziland Competition Commission

  • Defining, designing, specking and pricing of the tender winning offer
  • Building and managing geo-distributed team of 7 people
  • Presenting results to stakeholders and end clients, on-site handover of the project and staff training

Electronic Registration System for University of Minnesota IP & Development Program

  • Defining, designing, specking and pricing of the project
  • Building and managing collocated team of 4 developers
  • Presenting results to stakeholders and end clients


Packt Publishing Limited, author


Software Designer, Hewlett-Packard

  • Creating UI prototypes
  • Building reusable libraries for complex projects
  • GWT research


Web Developer at Interoute

  • One of the lead developers of the project for reporting and setting Nextone/Gendband telecommunication devices (SOOP). Design, development, planning of the release process and releasing the project to live environment, settings of Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft SQL Servers, Apache servers, configuring NEXTONE devices via SSH connection (Unix batch scripting).
  • Working on main customer portal connected with many systems and platforms used in the company


Lead PHP Developer at Intertec Media Group

  • Developing complete CMS systems for customers` websites and presentations
  • Web design and development of customers` websites
  • Cross-browser compatibility, testing, customer support
  • Project architecture & analysis, DB modeling, project planning, communication with customers

2003 - 2006


Working with local companies as end2end web developer, creating web portfolios and presentations

  • He's an excellent developer

    "Milan was in charge of the UI layer for my product at Skype. He's an excellent developer, a smart & hard worker, a driven and creative problem solver and an asset to any team. With his wide range of skills, his appetite to take on new challenges and his innate common sense, I think he has a bright future ahead of him, whether he chooses to stay in R&D or decides to expand into Product Management or other areas in IT. Good luck, Milan, it was a pleasure to work with you!"

    Fiona Lodge, Senior Global Product Manager at Dimension Data

    Fiona Lodge
  • Milan is creative, friendly and fun

    "Milan is creative, friendly and fun colleague to work with. We have been cooperating together on many projects where his motivation and technical skills, especially on front end side, helped us run the projects very smoothly and without any delays."

    Ninoslav Cakarovski, Software Craftsman, IPS AG

    Ninoslav Cakarovski
  • Solutions provided by Milan are nice looking and very usable

    "I had a pleasure to work with Milan in Interoute. He is a very good front end developer with good understanding of requirements. Solutions provided by Milan are nice looking and very usable. Milan is enthusiastic, punctual and willing to invest an effort for getting to the perfect solution. He is also a good team player."

    Marko Savic, Team Leader/Senior .Net Developer at Interoute

  • He is a great team-player

    "His front-end development knowledge is one of our team's most valueable assets, also because he is constantly updating his skillset. I would recommend Milan not only because of his technical skills, but also because he is a great team-player."

    Raphael Gabbarelli, Software Design Engineer Senior, Concur Technologies

    Raphael Gabbarelli

About me

Facts about me

I am an experienced user focused product manager, engineering manager and software developer with a proven track of designing and delivering successful products for global markets.

My previous experience includes 12 years in software engineering and product development. I like to work on challenging projects where I can push my skills and improve myself. I put the users first and have a talent to balance the business needs with the costs of technical implementation.

I have a rich experience with distributed development and managing projects across multiple countries and continents.

Milan Sedliak